Growing happiness

Some beauty caught in one photo

Clover and new life Fungi, Amanita muscaria

This picture symbolize for me the beauty, hope, happiness and new life as there is always a chance you are lucky to find it like a clover four or in autumn an Amanita muscaria or anything else in the world

Flora J08

No words can say


Long time no see on my blog.
Sadness is falling over me after months of being there, almost everyday caring for a dear friend of me in her struggle against her illness instead of recovering after her surgery.      Today I will visit her again to be there as friend not knowing how many times and when my last visit will be. Just now I feel empty

Nov 13, 2019 1:10 PM

Now today we are December 6 and since November 13 when my blog-draft was saved but not finished, a lot happend and my life witnessed a rollercoaster of emotions, events and I was part of this road-path of my dear friend till the last moment before she passed away. In general I don’t share too much personal parts of my personal-life online, only I know, some of you living abroad or further away from my place, knowing me personally and know this situation I was in since spring this year, I think likes to hear from me as I didn’t share a lot lately. Now I have time to reflect and come to myself again after this intense time with great moments but also the less nice moments filled with sadness and fallen hope to recover, feeling her pain on those moments and then trying to cheer her up, not always succeeding, I will never forget this period, ”a heritage” which formed and changed me forever but also my vision about health, healthcare and views about life.

May she Rest in peace


The Sea

The Sea

A magic day when the wind blew around me while enjoying the clouds, the noise of the waves, the smell of sea water and the taste of salty water on my lips walking along the coastline. Those free moments in nature with such a view, you can freely think of…. and reflect enjoying the beauty of nature and the power it sometimes shows, me feeling Stormproof. The wild sea with strong waves around me covert by clouds gives the energy, to be me, absorbing the universe as served by nature.

2019.58 wp wadden 80

Long time no see

Long time no see.

Long time no see and out of sight is out of heart are somehow equal under certain circumstances. My last blog has been published quite some time ago but was still this year I believe and those time, we haven’t seen (read) each other does not mean I forgot you or you didn’t think of me or my blog.

In the mean time lots of things happened, positive and some negative experiences and stories, photographing, travelling, sightseeing, events, interactions with all walks of life, less frequently cycling tours in my surrounding area instead some further away like coastal routes  including cycling in the frontier region with(in) Germany. Have had a very short holiday abroad in Poland this autumn but those few days gave room to reflect, to meet, to drive see a sight and enjoy very beautiful places, moments, sweeties and cookies and the weather, like we had all summer long in the Netherlands although the drought and heat were sometimes much to much and had one magnificent hot day like that again in the Polish mountains with great views during my stay.

Many times since my last post I thought I must write a new blog-post only somehow no time and or maybe no mood in one package together. Made ”tons” of photo’s (and memories) this year especially this summertime, some photo’s has been published and others still on hold, to be online one day in the future or not.                                                                             Sharing is caring is an expression with many meanings and responsibilities which also include to exclude some photo-sharing even when the photo’s are beautiful or has the look when just in a second taken photo’s of spontaneous behaviour or unaware posing of unknown people, visitors or bystanders, seen and frozen in my mirror through the lens with a single click but also photo’s of those I know personally, friends or best friends, could be a best-seller in likes, views or even money its not always worth to share into the open, so not sharing is also sharing is caring.                        So some of my photo’s are just a memory for myself in the future to come to remind me of the past days and events. In line with the photo’s to share or not to share, not all stories needed to be told in public or shared for many reasons but blogging is not a diary day by day which makes it easy to exclude those memories. Maybe some readers, followers or friends and relatives might have a smile as they read my post remembering events where they were part of, or know the situations I described and or recognize similar experiences. So maybe I hear from you if you think its you 🙂

I think this post will take a couple of days as now, I’m still writing since I started the first of November for the ? day so I hope it can be finished in 5 days maximum although Yesterday I hoped to finish but had to change plans just after a few words of writing and now we are Sunday writing for the second time so I think must force myself to finish today before I go out to town or surrounding area cycling, walking or just observe while having a coffee somewhere as we have beautiful sunny weather after a night with frost.

A post or article with a photo or image always create more attention but for now I think not to use any just words I put in sentences to express and maybe my post makes you Happy or feel to smile, then my post strike a chord.

The sun was inviting me to go out by shinning through the window and giving so much warmth and energy pushing me to go out so I have been walking a few hours in the forest near my house to have a break and back home back to my blog-post read it over, hoping I made no grammar, spelling or other mistakes before posting it online to keep my promise to myself to publish within 5 days and no more  delays.                                                                                        Have a nice read!


Just black and white

B&W tree WPJust a B&W frozen view from the living room with a 300MM zoom in February

In the ‘back’ field

Roe deer(s)

Since some weeks mostly one roe is here around the house in the fields but now and then even a father and mother with a calf of last year? The family is not on photo but my rendez vous or meet and greet with the solitaire roe deer is although there is minimum 20-30 meters distance between us but mostly around 50 meters.

A composition 🙂

Roe deer

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Thoughts, what to do….

Thoughts off…. reflections off…. looking for…. today’s struggle when I feel Spring is awakening and the garden wants attention. Idea’s are coming and going still not decided what to do. I enjoyed the beauty given by the Crocuses in yellow purple and white. Some other species shows their coming-up on the stage of the lawn around the house. I already have prepared some beds  for seeds and plants. In some beds I need to put more soil and sand but main job lays ahead. Since idea’s shared with garden-lovers I am planning to create several square-foot-gardens besides the kitchen-garden redesigning the yard into ‘we will see’ look. Slowly beauty is coming and the cold wind holds me back to start so I have more time to create a ‘new’ garden look. Gardening is also a travel in time, a voyage with I hope fruitful sights and tastes. You are Welcome to see and even taste my harvest during the year, hope I share with you my work and good food in harmony with fine weather. Delicious fruit vegetables, whose the first? cooking with me 🙂 and enjoy the own grown food.Crocus-tuin

Same but different

Since ‘I waked-up’ the days after ‘I left’ the fairy tale world, same but different beauty is still around or surrounds me. Today I walked back to the places of January 18 when taking the frozen fog pictures from the garden or down in the fields, for sure angle is slightly different as it is another day. The story reflects and express the feelings of that ‘Wednes’day through my eyes and mind, besides enjoying, seeing and sharing this beautiful fairy tale landscape the day after, I got a best gift surprise 🙂 a few words compliment, I was touched by these words. Hope my ‘still to come’ stories in words or images makes you just as passionate as me about the beauty of nature, in my (or your) region and beyond so I can give you my passion of photographing and sharing stories to enjoy everywhere.


Living in a fairy tale

This morning January 18,

I woke up in the most picturesque and beautiful landscape, a white coloured landscape came into my bedroom when opening the curtains. Still the fog was downing the beauty of this special kind of natural creation. Blinking crystal stars came to live after the sun touched the snowy fog crystals just when I had no camera in my hand or even with me. Shopping ‘can be expensive’ when you are on your way for daily shopping and miss the supreme moment, the opening of the clouds by the sun pushing away the fog and make the landscape magic blue and white with trees as statues, a snowy white feeling of a romantic illusion but caught in our eyes as a dream painting. Meander by car through the rustique landscape, a curvy road to town and back home I took my camera and walk into the perfect world temporary to embrace and freeze warmly. Every step you do you feel overloaded with natural gifts and impressions where and what to photograph, hoping the sun will break through again for the ultimate shot, I had great help of my artificial sun, my flash-light for some close-ups or macro’s. Starting in the garden I ended up in the fields around to share these moments of joy 🙂

Hope you are, as just as impressed as I was, surrounded by, breathing beauty.


Just a Rose

Love from the garden: Alcea rosea 1Alcea rosea One of the many flowers