Autumn view

Breathing Autumn

This morning I watched some photo’s on my computer searching for some other pictures for the other Blogs and the website adds. Taking a coffee outside on the terrace and the sun is shinning I smelled Autumn, from one to another day this typical moist air shows up to introduce autumn, Experience of “Life” 🙂

As I mentioned in my Tuesday post I cycled back home, had my camera with me as I wanted to shoot some photo’s. The last weeks I saw now and then some small mushrooms near the cycle road in the forest during my daily tours and also in the garden when mowing the grass I could see them occupying some space pushing away some grass, especially after a wet period of time as we had often this summer. However on Tuesday I could witness the first signs of a new season to come. When I am en route [FR] (by car or bicycle) besides my obligation of driving save and keep an eye on the traffic my eyes are “scanning the surrounding. Suddenly I “hold” my bicycle, put my bicycle aside and stepped a few feet and witnessed a couple of Scleroderma citrinum in English known as common earthbal, pigskin poison puffball or common earth ball.  (Those pics are to come )

Today in my catalog I found this species, Amanita muscaria, commonly known in English as the fly agaric or fly amanita.

Photo taken October last year (2011)

Hope I could encourage you with this post & photo to discover your neighbourhood and surrounding to experience the beauty of nature.



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