a long day among the fleur part 2

a long day among the fleur part 2

Like today, in the morning  when writing this post, the second part was filled with rain 😦 when walking on the lanes between the pavilions from different countries in section, Asia. After we left Indonesia we passed India, went in and out to continue our way to China. We entered the gate to the far East taking down our umbrellas as they have patio were you can walk without getting the rhythmic splashes of raindrops falling on your shoulder or head. After shooting some photo’s, not only as impression but also as idea-holder for how to change my garden. Leaving China we followed our path to Nepal. Only drops were falling of our clothes so we decide not to stay in to long as we didn’t want to “mess up” the floor. We came on a cross so we did continent-jumping or continent-crossing from Nepal just to Belgium in Europe. Even the Concorde was not that fast as we were 😉 After we had a break in the Belgium house we jumped over to the world of Eurasia. Learning about Turkish Flora we can find in our daily life we went out to the garden of flowers, a kind of Rose-garden without roses 😉 but beautiful. Enjoy this gallery of beauty.


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