a long day among the fleur part 3

a long day among the fleur part 3

The time has past since you read my last post. With all things you do in life you must find the time, energy and inspiration to continue where your last print leaves an open spot. The second part [a long day among the fleur part 2] I wrote about the Turkeys flora impact in Europe as many “garden” flowers come from that region where Eurasia has it roots. For a moment I had to think how we continued after we left the Turkeys pavilion. I think we first walked to the Bulgarian “roses” 😉 as the smell came in our noses as we enter their pavilion. I made one photo to see if I can use/lent their idea in my garden.

After, we went to the “fruit garden” lane meander through ideas and sights.

An artificial lake with bird live was part of this view. It was time to have a coffee so we went to the pavilion restaurant with a terrace at the lake side.

Sitting to long is throwing away precious time if you know what is still to come reading the plan so after 10? minutes we left the terrace and went direction Germany. On the way I took some macrophoto’s of flowers

I didnt know by name, still I dont know but beauty, not always, needs a name 🙂 , passing a “back to basic” showroom

with art-deco in a pine. As far as we could see, it was not reside/occupied by the ones it was supposed to be their home is my castle residents, Birds! Following the road to Germany some new impressions richer

we arrived in a hof of Eden.

Welcomed by fruit instead of border guards we were invited for dinner

only we didnt accept the invitation as there was no cook to prepare a meal ;-)) and did not have time.

The end has not come yet some parts to go but for now I say Bonne appetite ;). Hope you like this post and maybe you like to follow this Blog, dont hesitate to do so. Have a nice day.


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