a long day among the fleur part 4

a long day among the fleur part 4

My last post, a long day among the fleur part 3, has been published 31 October 2012 and since I haven’t write on this Blog, it is a little embarrassing to me that today February 9, 2013 months later I continue. I think I should have written all chapters last year or at least some more impressions. Now I am back sharing with you where I stopped last time, starting to write a new part.

After we left the German pavilion ……. again some disruption , ( due lack of time …. today  May, 15 I continue this post ) ….. from here we went to the central square and had a small break to drink some juice or water and eat a sandwich. When sitting there, suddenly I noticed a horn-blazer on the top of the “hill” of the German pavilion’s garden so I walked to a spot for a result to made a good photograph but unfortunately it is not the best photo of that day (autofocus kills quality) and walked back to my “seat”. From there I pointed my camera to the Austrian ski-lifts and click clack, a photo was taken 🙂 as they were passing above our heads in the sky.

From the square we went to an old local Limburgian style farm house where the regional tourist information office had their seat. Following the path we arrived at the creative ecological and biological friendly island or oases. Artist had made carvings from wood and trees which were exhibit here in the open as part of the landscape in great harmony of the natural created habitat 🙂 Some of these ideas / impressions I have seen during this tour I combined and have use this in the garden this year to see if it works. Climbing on the plateau ( a small massive central ) with waterfalls and a great view of where to go. Seen some design art of using wood into a “music temple” or how you want to name it 🙂

On our way we arrived at the crossroad of the day, visiting the pavilion of a Dutch Bank where people were standing in line to reach the top of this building. We went up and down as it took ages and I thought it is wasting time to wait to long as we want to see much more. Only when we were downstairs I looked up and saw hardly no line of waiting people so we decided to go up again. The film part we had to see before we could reach the roof was not really state of the art but the overview was worth to wait 10 minutes in line and 15? minutes of obliged cinema.

Now I will save this as draft, resize the photo’s of my tour of a long day among the fleur part 4  and come back to complete this part so I can publish this today to share with you. After this a long day among the fleur part 4 will be followed by part 5 & 6. As this episode has ended I can post new subjects and photo’s on this Blog.

It is 19:37 PM and photo’s are include 🙂


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