a long day among the fleur part 6 the End :)

a long day among the fleur part 6

The last part of my day among the fleur last year. Last week I thought should I add one photo or not. I think it is more polite and respectful to this person not to share the photo with you. The main reason for me is that if you won’t publish photo’s of your relatives or Family why asking permission to use a smile of an “unknown” person ( yes I have email-address ) I like to be consequent in this.

So the only photo I share with you is the beautiful sunset which ended our day out and a 4 hours drive back home all worth it 🙂 The memory remain.

Hope you enjoyed my posts even when it took sooo long to reach part 6. From now on I try to write more frequently on this Blog.

Flori 40


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