Life on micro-scale

Life on micro-scale

The title might be converted from macro to micro 🙂 as I did not use a microscope to take these photo’s. Since some weeks I am lucky that I could lent a lens with macro-converter for my camera to test if I can use this for my shoots for the webshop and now for a Blog post. In the time I was a teen and we only had Analog camera’s (Praktica MTL3) I made many macro-photo’s with a bellow and in general I used a 50 MM sometimes a 135 MM lens. Bellows is the pleated expandable part of a camera between body and lens to allow the lens to be moved with respect to the focal plane for focusing, enlarging the object enormously. After some years I swap my Praktica for an analog Nikon camera. Since I stepped into the modern world of Digital photography I missed my bellow after a while. Now I can use this lens with macro-converter in the coming weeks, I am testing a little to see the possibilities of body and lens as focusing needs to be done manual. As in fact I photograph from the hand without using a tripod you see the limits of freehand shoots. Stabilisation which is required at this range and more light is needed when you are so close on the object and needs special skills 😉 and having a lot of patience especially outdoors when wind is challenging it when focus on your object.

Some photo’s with this 18-200 MM lens with a 0.40X macro-converter.

photo 1a spider on a sunflower

photo 2 unknown tiny flower in the garden

photo 3 Fuchsia flowers


WP spider sunflower Wp white Flower WP fuchsia


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