My gardener :-)

My garden friend 🙂

A few weeks ago on a summer day when it was to nice weather to work a full day I decided to do some gardening. Last autumn and before spring  we cut some trees and prune many aside the garden and around the fields. On some spots around the garden we put the cut branches. The smaller trees and branches we collected in autumn we put in two corners in the field near the canal and one at the line garden – field so we created a biotope so many small-er animals could have shelter during the winter time. In March I cut some trees aside and made the biotope even bigger and higher for some smaller birds so they had place to nest in this artificial landscape and protect them from most predators.

Now most flora is gone I wanted to saw or chop the wood in the right size and store it for next year use.  Some times you pick up some wood with special care before sawing it so with this piece with a damaged surface of bark, Bark is the outermost layers of stems and branches [hard] and roots [soft] of woody plants and I broke it away and suddenly I experienced for the second time in my life a surprise, meeting a small friend who is helping me by eating harmful insects to protect green life in the garden.

I took her or him in my hand and put the lizard between the wood and growing flora. Then suddenly I thought it is a unique opportunity to photograph it so I run into the house got my camera and hope I could make a few photo’s. ( Some weeks ago I borrowed a lens with  macro-converter from a friend to test and see if the results/quality is better then my DSLR with normal lens I use for my webshop photo’s as I am thinking to purchase an additional lens so hopefully now I get a better impression, what or if to buy ). After coming back I was lucky the lizard waited for me to shoot a photo session 🙂 Not used to this lens and focus/sharpen manual instead autofocus the lizard gave me only time for two shots as the distance was only a few centimetre too close for this small garden friend and he or she disappeared to a better place to catch his food or to relax.

wp garden friend

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