My Royal day, Den Haag part 1

My Royal day, Den Haag part 1

 Not just, on a common Saturday but a special Saturday 🙂 5 days after I came back from Poland, a Polish friend of me was in The Hague for some holiday time so I visit Haga to have a tourist day. For me, as long as I can remember it was the first time for me in this govermental village called govermentscity in Dutch Regeringsstad. Why I say village as it never got town privileges from the monarch/ruler, although it is a pure judicial term from the era Europe and also the Netherlands was part of what we call feudalism system. Before I reached the Hague I had to struggle with a Dutch desease, trafficlights and jams, on every streetcorner they plant this uneffective time consuming obstacles. After I managed to come into the city centre I could park my car easely.

 I promised to send an SMS-message when I was entering Den Haag or close to the adress we should meet. Only driving a car even when stop and go, you cannot type a message in my opinion. So after arriving an quarter of an hour to late and send an SMS that I was staying in the street where my friend stayed in a studio for holidays. Then, ring, ring, my phone went on incoming call alarm 🙂 so I answered the phone and when looking up I saw a happy face through a window as I was almost at the entrance of the building to this studio.

 We went for a walk only I had left my phones and camera in the appartment so me was told we go to the centre of the city and have a cup of coffee. Not knowing it was near het Binnenhof the goverment seat so I regret my camera was at the appartment. Walking around and seeing this old site and het Torentje, the residential place of the Dutch prime minster. Knowing this view from only from our TV newshour somehow it was a deception seeing this small Tower, same feeling I had when seeing Manneke Pis in Brussels many years ago which statue is so small and you also think of this Icon’s reputation it must be a big object. After a shocking price of paying two cups of coffee we drunk at the main square we went back to the studio after we went for some food-shopping, preparing our lunch. From there we went to a park for a picnic as it was a beautifull day with almost tropical temperatures around 30 degrees. Sitting there for around an hour and a half or so we cleaned the things put all together and left home once again.

We talked about many things which we could visit and I suggested to see the royal palce as well so after many footstep we entered the allee of Het Koninklijk Paleis Noordeinde ( Royal Palace Noordeinde ) where our former Queen nowadays Princes Beatrix was living. I post our sightseeing trip from the moment, I took my first photo, I want share with you but I promise you even the Binnenhof mentioned before I will show you in one of the next impressions.

Enjoy my and your day. 🙂


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