My Royal day, Den Haag part 4

My Royal day, Den Haag part 4


….Walking and talking, seeing around we entered the Buitenhof gate, our entrance to Het Binnenhof. At the time we came as it was already evening not so many people were there. For us it was great not seeing so many people so we could make some photo’s of the buildings without  tourists on it, which I think were unique moments knowing how many tourists visiting this place even on summer eve’s. For this blog I made a selection of photo’s I think are interesting to show without us on it. During the day we have seen some art around the city centre and when we left Het Binnenhof to go for some diner I made some photo’s of statues of Art some where in the centre. This is my last episode of my royal day, Den Haag.


For me it was a great day, worth every minute 🙂


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