An afternoon in Leiden part 1

A Castle “speed” date in maybe 10 Minutes 🙂

The day after Christmas, a visit to Leiden was planned, a city I visit for the last in 1994 I believe. In more or less the one and a half year, I frequently lived there for some days per week with my girlfriend from high-school / college who studied in Leiden and me studying elsewhere but had a/some part-time student job(s) in this city so we could spend more time together. After our relation split we both took a new path and since then I haven’t been in this very old University city which has a great historic impact in the Dutch timetable of our national history, in Dutch “Het Leids ontzet”.

Before we left driving to Leiden I had a look on the (computer) map so I find out the place we had to visit was near where I lived, only I mixed up the name of the gracht with the famous gracht nearby but knew how to drive to this area and surrounding streets but with one mistake we finally came close to the old place, where nearby a small free parking square was situated in the old days, only now it is paid parking and I am against subsidizing local governments and these greedy income or car-parking-tax politics so when I parked my car much further away, we had to walk a few hundred meters more with our umbrellas as it rained a little but it I felt good 🙂 Passing the bridge over one of the canals I looked to the right and saw near the corner of the gracht “our” house and the window of the room I lived once for some time, only then it looked more proper then it is now, seems the building is in low maintenance and need renovation. Only we had to be in time at the meeting/appointment so we continued, on our way back we would take a walk there, and after maybe ten minutes we were at the location to meet. After the meeting with a drink and some snacks, finishing our affairs and chats we said good bye 🙂 and left the “party”.

From there we left to make a small tour in the city center back to the car. Our meeting was close to the old “Burcht” Castle where my photo shoot started. is a fine example of a castle build on motte or artificial hill a baily castle in The Netherlands. The castle dates from the 12th century early middle ages and from its ~12 metres high artificial hill and a large ring-shaped wall on the top that once overlooked the old Rhine it was a good surveillance base. So I’ve stepped to the top and circled around on my feet 🙂 and give you my viewers an impression from the view I had.

Curious of what you see, I am not naming the historic buildings, architecture you see, enrich your knowledge by searching and reading about the historic Medieval life in books or on the internet. Treasure yourself through the history.

This part is about de Burcht. The next post “documentary” photo impression is about the inner city on the way back to the car and will follow soon:)

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Hope you enjoyed these images and invite you to have a look in this city to join the atmosphere of ~800 years of life.






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