Long time no see

Long time no see

A title I cannot denial after so many months of not posting some new stories and/or posting photographs so to me it is the most common title to use after so long.  A lot of things happened after my last post. Still I have saved a “draft” text in a, publishing to come post, wrote it during my online visible activity absent from this blog only never finished it and still is an open end draft (but will be published too). Doubting about how much I can express of personal emotions and what is acceptable to post remain the thousand dollar question for now.

I hear you say or seeing imaginary thoughts of you ” expressing a read my face 🙂 ” as but you have been online, wrote letters, answered emails even wrote some poetry to some and creating X-mas cards in December between my activities, choosing priorities of what to do first and who is important or deserves it to give priority. Sometimes you look for priorities and to order them means diversity in importance and other calculus.

Today when checking Twitter seeing some tweets and news suddenly I thought about an email I sent last week to a very good Friend who lives in Poland asking her about the weather too if she could make a snowman knowing the winter in Poland is a snowy-white one as the winter in the Netherlands is normally one without snow so real winter pictures are impossible, yes we had some frost and ice on the small canals and lakes in the last weeks. The morning after, I waked up opened the window-panel and I thought I am dreaming, not really awake but indeed a white silk cover was over the garden, thinking of my email sent last night so I took my camera to make some photo’s because of this nice surprise by nature. Like mostly when starting daily activities you forget “prioritized” thoughts as the to do list force you now and then.  😉

My window to the world on a morning 🙂 Hope you enjoyed my post.

Snow 1 Snow 2


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