Reflections of……

Reflections of……

The new tittle of a story. Since some weeks I am forced to live with a computer with an own will. The computer I am writing on now is just an empty computer (another HDD) with some photo´s and a few documents but I have access to the wider world. Everyday I am reminded by that fact if I need a photo, document, bookmark/link or my short-notes like PNG (screen shot) its on the other pc which I cant enter because failure of log-in. This problem I hope to solve soon so I can open my blogpost draws and work/publish them and my texts e.g. description of Fossils, Minerals, Gemstones and much more, the general documents I need for daily use I can find in my email-box and copy the text or download the files. During the years I have had some troubles with computers, most famous troublemakers were the Windows OS systems but must admit even Linux e.g. Ubuntu can cause troubles. In the last weeks I wonder what …… if I  will lose all data which has not been saved as back-up in the last months and aren’t we to depended on a computer/ict with the bits and bites directing our live?  Time will teach us the answers but in the mean time I will write/publish new posts before I can post (the promised) older draws in the coming time. Since the PC problem started and I went out or even indoors for making photo´s t reminds me with my camera in my hands I am so happy I didn’t delete/format my memory card the last few times. The computer brought us lots of nice things and techniques in out daily life giving more comfort but sharing offline and online are two worlds we can combine but never forget to interact in real live. From May 15 till July the 4th this was a draft I didn’t finished then when time changed my plans but today I will publish this one before I start only to write drafts. Although from May some pc problems are solved new occurred 🙂 computers the most time consuming hobby both when things goes wrong or working properly, hard to live without but still possible. Hope you enjoyed reading my post.

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