Living in a fairy tale

This morning January 18,

I woke up in the most picturesque and beautiful landscape, a white coloured landscape came into my bedroom when opening the curtains. Still the fog was downing the beauty of this special kind of natural creation. Blinking crystal stars came to live after the sun touched the snowy fog crystals just when I had no camera in my hand or even with me. Shopping ‘can be expensive’ when you are on your way for daily shopping and miss the supreme moment, the opening of the clouds by the sun pushing away the fog and make the landscape magic blue and white with trees as statues, a snowy white feeling of a romantic illusion but caught in our eyes as a dream painting. Meander by car through the rustique landscape, a curvy road to town and back home I took my camera and walk into the perfect world temporary to embrace and freeze warmly. Every step you do you feel overloaded with natural gifts and impressions where and what to photograph, hoping the sun will break through again for the ultimate shot, I had great help of my artificial sun, my flash-light for some close-ups or macro’s. Starting in the garden I ended up in the fields around to share these moments of joy 🙂

Hope you are, as just as impressed as I was, surrounded by, breathing beauty.



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