Warning & Travel Tips & Advice

Travelling is a very nice time consuming hobby with some Danger

For those not only now in Summer when holidays started all over the globe but for those who starts travelling abroad for holiday or maybe even for work. I am not saying this to spoil your pleasure of travelling, only I like to share experiences to avoid problems I have met myself or heard during my travels.


Travelling must not become Trafficking !!

Some tips from me:

Prepare yourself very well be searching information ( destiny, place, neighbourhood, reputation of company host detachment-bureau etc, Police station etc. )

Copy your data! and email it to yourself and a few person you know best.

( passport, drivers license, insurance, bankaccount numbers, Visa, GSM-provider/carrier, Visa-card/creditcard telephone numbers to block your card(s), embassy tel.nr etc.)

Social media and other sites !

Ask friends or contacts on social media what they know or have experienced. Twitter Facebook News-stations etc.

Inform your Family or relatives & tell them your whereabouts. TIP! Agree with your family or best friend Email or call them after arrival and if not then let them contact your embassy or Ministry of foreign affairs!

Always ask locals or in shops, public service etc. if you have doubts

Hope these tips are helpful to you, for sure there are more I have not mentioned.

Have a nice day and stay!


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